s a r i n a b u t t e r f l y

The psychological Butterfly Effect

challenges the notion that only

major life events shape our mental


s t y l e

s a r i n a b u t t e r f l y

As you witness the Butterfly,

the effect spreads within you,

it controls The complexities of

your own mind.

introducing The

Kameria Exhibit

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Kameria collection

Kam·eria /カメリア/
| a girl akin to a blooming Camellia, faced the winds of trauma, causing her vibrant youth to wither, yet within her delicate frailty, the strength of her spirit endured, a testament that beauty can persist through life's storms.|
The Kameria Exhibit is designed and inspired by the camellia flower, which features formal Korean elegance 

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What is The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is an entity that transcends traditional categorization; it possesses neither a name nor a definitive shape.

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